Children’s Events


Our “Cuentacuentos” Story-time sessions tell you and your little ones traditional fairy tales in Spanish! Parents and guardians are invited to bring your little ones to our fun filled sessions and have fun in Spanish with our teachers, other children and their grownups! These sessions include storybook time, puppets, acting, vocabulary, short film, craft, snack and playtime.

Wine tasting event with Vámonos Spanish adult learners


Our Mini Mediterranean Cooking Workshops have been a great success, children and their parents love learning about the different food culture and experimenting with simple Spanish dishes. This is an excellent opportunity for children to sample different foods and take ownership of creating their own dishes, whilst learning new vocabulary and playing games in Spanish.


During school holidays and festival times we offer a range of extra workshops and parties where parents and their little ones can learn about Spanish traditional festivals and the vocabulary and traditions associated with these. We celebrate Spanish and Latin American festivals such as Carnival, Easter, Halloween / Day of the Dead, Christmas, The Three King’s through workshops and special sessions.

Adults learning spanish by playing board games


Children are invited to join us for special screenings of Spanish kid’s films. The film will be introduced by one of our fantastic teachers giving a pre-movie language brief so that children are able to follow the storyline. This is a great way for Spanish learners to get used to hearing and understanding the language and, of course, to get a taste of Spanish culture through the medium of film. Kids love the cinema, so why not watch movies in Spanish?! You’ll be amazed how much they can take in!